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Proteus WeldSaver 6 with eVac™

Coolant control, leak detection and splash prevention for robotic welding systems
Coolant control, leak detection, and splash prevention for robotic welding systems 
Proteus Weldsaver 6 with eVac Assembly

The Proteus WeldSaver™ 6 with eVac™ is a water safety device for flow control, leak detection, and prevention of catastrophic coolant dumps during robotic automotive welding operations. This model Includes an air regulator, water shutoffs, and an air shutoff system.

The WeldSaver™ 6 with eVac™ Coolant Retraction Module is the leading water-safety device for flow control, leak detection, and spillage prevention in robotic welding applications. Whether monitoring coolant flow to weld guns or the entire cooling circuit for a weld cell, the WeldSaver rapidly and reliably detects changes in flow continuity created by slow leaks, cap loss, hose bursts, or other catastrophic events and significantly reduces or prevents coolant dumps on expensive equipment and weld cell floors.

  • eVac™ Coolant Retraction Module redirects coolant flow during cap change or cap loss, helping to keep expensive equipment dry. 
  • Reduces unsafe coolant dumps by shutting off flow in less than 1 second after cap loss. 
  • Ensures adequate electrode cooling by continuously monitoring and communicating coolant flow and temperature conditions. 
  • The proprietary leak-detection algorithm is independent of flow calibration, sending an alarm to the weld controller in less than 0.4 seconds. 
  • Continuous indication of actual coolant flow rate and temperature on the browser-based user interface 
  • User-selectable operating parameters and alarm settings 
  • Remote control of valve and system states to support gun changers and weld-cap changers 
  • The output display is compatible with robotic teach pendants through a network connection 
  • EtherNet/IP™ and PROFINET® control interface options 
  • Flow ranges from 6–50 LPM / 1.5–13 GPM 
  • Liquid temperatures from 4.0–110 °C / 39–230 °F
The WeldSaver graphical user interface
The WeldSaver graphical user interface provides information on device status in real time, with clear visual indicators and descriptions. The interface can be accessed over a network using most JavaScript™-enabled web browsers by entering the working IP address of the device.

Download the WeldSaver6 eVac™ spec sheet