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Robotize GoPal Solution

Our range of Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) and accessories set new standards for easy deployment, flexibility, and safety when automating your intralogistics.

Automatically picking up, transporting, and delivering pallets has never been easier and safer. The GoPal solution can be deployed and begin saving you money in a matter of a few weeks with minimum changes to your existing infrastructure or impact on daily operations.


GoPal is more than just a robot – it is a fully approved and integrated system for safe and simple pallet transport automation in factories and warehouses.

Our Autonomous Mobile Robots are approved for use in a wide range of industries. Since no further on-site approvals are required, you can keep production running while we install your new GoPal system in just a couple of days.

The GoPal solution in 96 seconds

Fully approved and integrated solution

GoPal is not just a robot – it is a fully integrated and mutually optimized solution consisting of autonomous mobile robots, transit points, and all necessary software. This makes GoPal a true plug-and-play solution that minimizes project risks and allows you to focus on what you do best. All solution components are fully approved according to strict safety standards. In other words, every step has been taken to make your GoPal system as safe and simple as possible.

Save money

The GoPal will improve your company’s logistics and minimize human error from day one. In terms of productivity, you can expect the GoPal system to get as much work done as a full-time employee with a pallet jack. If used in a single shift in a high-wage country, the system will usually achieve a return on investment in 6-12 months. Used in three shifts, the system will typically pay for itself in less than six months. After that, you will save your company money every day of the week.

Safe and simple

A GoPal solution is simple and safe to install and use. Our factory-approved solutions do not require any significant changes to either your facility or workflows but will get straight down to business – usually in a matter of days. We provide a completely autonomous solution based on intelligent navigation which requires no hand-holding from your employees.

Continuous optimization

The GoPal offers extensive data collection that enables you to continuously optimize your transport system and increase your company’s cost-efficiency even further. Key figures – such as idle/active times, distance driven with or without load, and average/maximum pickup latency – can be used to improve performance and eliminate transport bottlenecks.

Software built for maximum mileage

Our GoControl Fleet Management System is designed for optimal management of your transport jobs. GoControl continuously ensures that transport orders are executed most efficiently according to set priorities. If GoControl is connected to a WMS/ERP system, it will provide full traceability and insight into current pallet locations.

Remote commissioning

Remote commissioning means that no direct human interaction is required to get your GoPal solution fully operational. It is the full extract of our philosophy that GoPal AMRs are ready to hit your floor running.

All the necessary planning from A to Z, can be done online from a remote location.

To your benefit, our GoPal can be considered as an immediate solutions to:

  • Ensure employees’ safety by reducing longer shifts and eliminating the risk of injuries and exposure to illnesses.
  • Comply with the social distancing requirements.
  • Keep your production up and running while ensuring minimum human interaction. 

Reduce buffer stock

The unpredictable nature of human transport services can lead to a build-up of raw materials and finished goods in the production area. By contrast, GoPal can achieve a high level of predictability and thereby reduce buffer stocks in production to a bare minimum – freeing up both space and capital.

For more info or a demo of Robotize’s GoPal pallet transport automated robot, contact RAM Solutions at 248-299-0525 or visit our contact form.