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Reduce And Eliminate Weld Defects With Bluewrist

The Bluewrist ScanXtream Weld Inspection is a highly flexible automated inline laser-based quality assurance solution that helps identify, report, and eliminate a wide variety of welding flaws in the manufacturing process. Bluewrist’s weld inspection solution improves quality by eliminating manual welding inspections that are prone to inspector error and subjectivity. Automated weld inspection helps achieve 100% accuracy and consistency by comparing weld characteristics against a predetermined quality standard.

Bluewrist 3D Weld Inspection System’s Multiple Inspection Features

The ScanXtream Weld Inspection uses a 3D profiler or 3D snapshot sensor to capture detailed surface characteristics of the weld in question. The weld profiles can be inspected in their entirety or broken down into individual sections for analysis and comparison against fabrication blueprints to guarantee conformity.

Bluewrist 3D Weld Inspection System’s Multiple Inspection Capabilities

The ScanXtream Weld Inspection capabilities include weld length, weld width, theoretical throat thickness, and leg length. It is suitable for fillet, butt, lap, and plug welds. It has a scan rate of up to 200 mm/s and a resolution of up to 0.1 mm.

Weld Defect Detection, Reporting, and, Visualization

Our high-resolution laser scanning makes ScanXtream Weld Inspection the ideal solution to detect and analyze different surface weld defects that may lead to expensive and time-consuming rework. Common weld defects include splatter, porosity, cracks, underfill and overfill, and undercut and overlap.

ScanXtream point cloud processing software gives users a visual indication of defects in the weld based on user-configured data and welding standard parameters. Inspection data and images can be saved for future reporting, record keeping, and review purposes as part of a comprehensive quality assurance program.

Flexible Inspection Deployment

ScanXtream Weld Inspection can be configured or modified based on the changing requirements of the manufacturing facility.

Multiple Configuration Options

• Robot Mounted Weld Inspection – Flexibility for inspecting complex weld patterns or large parts
• Stationary Mounted Weld Inspection – High-speed weld inspection in the mass production environment
• Linear Slide – Repeatable inspection for predetermined weld inspection at a specific location

Watch the Bluewrist ScanXtream Weld Inspection in action.

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