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Bluewrist Inline Vehicle Roof Weld Inspection Case Study

Groove-weld defects that happen during the vehicle-roof manu­facturing process in auto manufacturing are often a problem.  The specific issues are weld spatter, burn-through, and missed welds.  Manufacturers using the standard manual visual inspection process or even a 2D inspection station to spot places where work needed to be redone was not working out.

The process is very much a challenge as roof welding provides structural integrity and is an extremely important factor of the vehicle’s occupant safety cage in the event of an accident. Heavy metal parts on all sides of the roof add to the spatter, burn-throughs, and missed weld.  Since many of the defects were small, they were not being detected resulting in errors being passed down the production line.

The Blue­wrist Inline Roof Welding Inspection System is the solution to these weld issues.

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