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RAM Solutions Announces the Addition of Stäubli to Their Lineup of Automation Applications

RAM Solutions is thrilled to announce the addition of Stäubli ‘s advanced robotic tool changer systems to our extensive lineup of automation applications and industrial automation solutions. This strategic partnership marks a significant milestone in our commitment to providing cutting-edge, efficient, and reliable automation solutions to our valued customers.

 About Stäubli

Stäubli is renowned as a technological pioneer in the development of robotic tool-changing systems, boasting a rich history of innovation and expertise across various industry sectors. Their products are designed to enhance productivity and flexibility in automated processes, making them an ideal fit for our clientele.

Stäubli ‘s robotic tool changer systems, known as MPS, offer versatile solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of modern industries. Their product range includes three main categories:

1. MPS COMPLETE: Preconfigured robotic tool changers ready for immediate deployment, ensuring quick and efficient integration into existing systems.

2. MPS MODULAR: Allows users to configure their tool changers to specific requirements, providing a customizable and adaptable solution.

3. MPS CUSTOMIZED: Offers specially constructed systems tailored to unique application needs, delivering highly specialized and efficient tool-changing capabilities.

Each of these product paths reflects Stäubli ‘s commitment to innovation and excellence, ensuring that customers receive top-tier solutions that enhance operational efficiency and productivity.

 About RAM Solutions

RAM Solutions stands out in the distribution market due to our specialized focus on the products we offer. Unlike general distributors, our primary objective is to provide not only cost-effective options but also knowledgeable and tailored solutions that meet the specific requirements of our customers’ applications. This approach ensures that our customers receive the most suitable and effective products for their needs.

We maintain close communication with manufacturers and engineers to select products that deliver optimal performance at competitive prices. Our commitment to service excellence is evident in our comprehensive support system. Understanding that our customers often operate under tight deadlines and that issues can arise during off-hours, our salespeople are available 24/7 to provide technical support whenever it is needed most.

Furthermore, RAM Solutions is an authorized training provider for the products we sell. We are factory-certified to conduct training sessions at our facility or on-site at our customers’ locations. This certification ensures that our customers receive the highest level of training and support, maximizing the effectiveness and efficiency of their automation solutions.

We are also fully equipped to handle both warranty and non-warranty service issues. Our services include startup assistance and 20-hour run support, ensuring that our customers’ systems operate smoothly from the outset. This comprehensive support underscores our dedication to helping our customers achieve seamless integration and maximum uptime for their automation systems.

 The Partnership: A Synergy of Excellence

The addition of Stäubli ‘s robotic tool changer systems to RAM Solutions’ portfolio represents a synergy of excellence, combining Stäubli ‘s pioneering technology with RAM Solutions’ expertise in distribution and support. This partnership enables us to offer our customers even more robust and flexible automation solutions, designed to meet the evolving demands of modern industry.

Our customers will benefit from Stäubli ‘s advanced technology and our unwavering commitment to service and support. Together, we aim to enhance the efficiency, productivity, and competitiveness of our customers’ operations.

RAM Solutions is proud to welcome Stäubli to our esteemed lineup of automation products. This collaboration reinforces our mission to provide state-of-the-art solutions and exceptional service, helping our customers to thrive in an increasingly automated world. We look forward to the opportunities this partnership will bring and to continuing to serve our customers with the highest standards of excellence and innovation.

Contact our team today at 248-299-0525 for any questions you may have on products or how we can help smooth your automation process.