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Ultrasonic inspection device for the fast and precise inspection of welded joints with robots in production, especially spot welds and short weld seams (e.g. Arplas®).

For fast, simple use in production – especially optimized for the automated, robot supported inspection.

  • Imaging inspection
    Phased array technology for simple and reliable inspection and evaluation
  • Precise inspection
    729 virtual probes and a physical resolution more accurate than 0.35 mm
  • Over 25 years of experience
    in spot weld inspection combined in our innovative PHAsis inspection systems


• Precise testing of resistance welded spots of steel or aluminum sheets

• 2- and 3-sheet joints with single sheet thickness from 0.6 mm to 5 mm

• Extremely high image sequence and inspection speed due to 20,000 ultrasonic measurements per second
for high-resolution spot weld inspection

• More than 700 measuring points (A-scans) recorded in the inspection area per spot weld

• Storage of all A-scans for possible re-evaluation and correlation to destructive testing

• Imaging display of the spot weld as live scan (C-scan) and as result (D-scan, depth accurate)

• Minimal training time of approx. 4 hrs.

• A universal standard probe; special solutions available (e.g. for coarse grain structure/aluminum/hard-to-reach areas)

• Innovative probe technology: Fixed rexolite delay or flexible water delay paths with membrane for best results – even on rough or uneven surfaces

• All in one device: management of inspection plans, monitoring of inspection equipment, secured inspection according to inspection plan or flexible with one-klick presets or individual parameters in, “free inspection” mode

• Support of high probe frequencies up to 25 MHz for reliable spot weld inspection

Optional: Mobile PHAsis inspection trolley Complete workstation, incl. long-term operation without mains with exchangeable highperformance battery units

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