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What Is Industrial Automation?

Industrial automation uses computerized control systems and robots such as automation machinery—to replace human decision-making and involvement in manufacturing processes. For example, automated machining tools and mobile components perform processing and finishing operations on materials, and automated conveyor systems move the parts and components through the various manufacturing stages.


Due to the benefits afforded by the integration of industrial automation technology—including increased production speeds, better quality control, and improved safety—an increasing amount of manufacturing facilities across virtually every industry are opting to adopt it over traditional manual or mechanized methods.


One of the main benefits of manufacturing power is better quality as well as a reduction in the overall production error rate. Automated manufacturing and assembly equipment, such as CNC machines, have integrated programs designed to handle repetitive tasks with increasingly small error rates. Additionally, these machines can be programmed to instantly execute new operations and additional steps in an assembly process.


Compared to human-operated facilities, automated manufacturing facilities offer capabilities for faster and continuous operation without the risk of errors due to operator fatigue. While industrial automation may still require some manpower for inspections and oversight, automated processes have a much higher productivity rate per person on the manufacturing floor than manual or mechanical processes.


Despite having a high initial cost, industrial automation can help facilities reduce overall costs by:

  • Integrating analytics tools into the process to minimize data collection and management costs.
  • Reducing overall labor costs, such as wages, benefits, and other healthcare costs.
  • Integrating sensors and automated alerts reduce the risk of equipment failure or service outages.


Automated processes are safer because they require less operator involvement. Rather than taking on the role of operator, human supervisors can monitor tasks and production from safer distances, while the machines can handle tasks with potentially hazardous materials or equipment such as:

  • Chemicals
  • Sharp metals and equipment
  • Heavy materials and equipment
  • Materials that require high or low-temperature extremes
  • Electrical equipment


Industrial automation makes manufacturing more efficient, safe, and profitable through faster production speeds, less operator involvement, and lower overall costs. Different degrees of automation allow for a spectrum of manufacturing conditions ranging from fully automated and repetitive processes during large-scale production runs to dynamic automation processes that follow coded instructions during small-scale runs.

Choosing the right type of automation for your manufacturing facility can be challenging, but RAM Solutions is here to help you.

Application Engineering

RAM Solutions handles all aspects of your program, from design to final launch. We provide technical applications to ensure the correct product is specified and designed for your tooling requirements. We also manage technical signoffs at the design, build, and launch levels.


We are factory certified to perform training on all the products we offer at our facility or yours. Your employees will be trained by our professionals or our factory partners. 

Field Service

Our factory-trained and technically-certified personnel are available to meet your service requirements for installation, repair, maintenance, or test tasks throughout North America.

Emergency Response

We understand our customers’ need to keep their factories from unexpected downtime. RAM Solutions provides 24/7 support for emergencies. Most manufacturers are not available after-hours, on weekends, and on holidays. RAM Solutions will be available to assist.

Our 24/7 toll-free number is (888) 863-5926

Start-Up Support

We can provide personnel to ensure a successful startup and launch of your new production line or facility. We review and can be present for 20-hour runs before your equipment is bought off by the end customer.

Spare Parts and Accessories

Our manufacturers work with us to identify critical spare parts and ample quantities required to ensure that our customers do not have downtime due to lead times


What distinguishes RAM Solutions from other distributors is that we specialize in the products we sell. In other words, our main focus is not only to provide our customers with cost-effective options but also with knowledgeable solutions. We thoroughly communicate with the manufacturers and engineers in order to select the products that will best meet your requirements and applications at competitive pricing.


We make absolutely every effort to provide excellent service. We understand our customers have deadlines to meet, and some issues or emergencies may arise during the 2nd or 3rd shift. Our salespeople are on call 24/7 and qualified to offer technical support when you need it most.


RAM Solutions is an authorized training provider for the products we sell. We are factory certified to perform training at our facility or yours. Equipped to handle warranty and non-warranty service, we also offer startup assistance and 20-hour run support.

For more information on how RAM Solutions can assist you with the best-engineered solutions available today and value-added quality products used in automated industrial applications and robotics, call us at 248-299-0525.

RAM Solutions serves customers in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. We are also a certified veteran-owned business.