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Trusted Automated Vision Inspection Solution for Safety Critical Welds

Are you still performing manual welding inspections? Human error increases the chance of missing welding defects, which can lead to catastrophic failures and expensive recalls.

The simplest products to the most complex often rely on welding to provide structural integrity, quality, and safety.  Ensuring good welding quality is critical for product safety and longevity. Missed defects caused by a welding inspector’s error can have wide-ranging consequences from life-changing injuries to steep legal repercussions. Eliminate these risks from your welding and manufacturing operations by implementing 3D vision automated inspection systems.

If you want the best inspection you can get on your welded products, RAM Solutions has the answer for you. As a leading automation supplier, we carry only the finest automation solutions to make manufacturing quicker, easier, and more profitable for your business. When it comes to welding inspection, we highly recommend the Bluewrist 3D laser automated welding inspection system.

Bluewrist-automated GMAW seam and laser welding inspection systems are used for quality assurance in the welding of high-performance electric vehicle battery trays, subassemblies, truck frames, and body-in-white roof brazing joints.

The non-contact and non-destructive (NDT) automated welding inspection used in Bluewrist maintains consistent standards in inspection, unlike human inspectors who can fall into subjectivity or plain mistakes. When it comes to using an automated welding inspection system, there is no human error. In fact, since it compares the welding characteristics it is inspecting against predetermined quality standards dependent on specific industries and applications, there is no error at all. The inspection is always accurate and completely consistent.

Not only is it more trustworthy than a human inspection, it is much, much faster. Bluewrist’s automated weld inspection system features an industry-leading vision cycle time processing of under 2 seconds, and a high inspection speed of up to 320mm/second with a resolution of 0.1mm.

Real-time weld dimensional data is analyzed for defects by our software features NIST-certified algorithm and deep learning.  Using this powerful combination, we provide unbeatable performance and endless repeatability for even the most critical of automated weld inspection tasks.

Take The Guesswork Out of Rework with Defect Visualization

When a weld defect is detected, the part is automatically rejected from the production line for rework and analysis without operator intervention. No need to waste time, the part is sent back. It’s not just marked defective; the defect is shown clearly to further eliminate guesswork. The actual location of the defect is indicated on the part CAD model to aid in accurate and efficient rework.

Total Inspection and Full Traceability
All weld inspection data and images can be saved for future reporting, record keeping, and review purposes as part of a comprehensive quality assurance program.

For traceability information such as a unique number for each weld, part serial number, and cycle time information are all recorded in the database.

Manual vs Automated Weld Inspection – The Choice Is Clear!

Don’t leave welding inspection to chance.  Modern manufacturing joining processes require hundreds of weld features or centimeters of continuous weld to guarantee a final product’s quality.  Manual visual inspection using gauges is flawed at this large scope of work, which puts you at a much higher risk that a defect will pass inspection and leave you liable for whatever problems that cause. RAM Solutions wants to help you keep your company and your customers safe. Don’t risk being responsible for potentially catastrophic product failures or expense product recalls, let RAM Solutions set you up with a Bluewrist Automated Weld Inspection product so you can know for sure. Not only do we sell these products, but like all products we sell, we’ll come to your location and train your staff on the correct way to use them, too.

For more info or a demo on Bluewrist Automated Weld Inspection products, contact RAM Solutions today at 248-299-0525 or visit our website.