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Gorbel Soft Touch Handle

Easy Press Lever Design Reduces Fatigue

Features and Benefits

Spool Valve Makes Levers Easy to Press

  • We use a spool valve that requires less force to depress than older, traditional poppet valves. The result? Our lever buttons are easier to press than competitor handles, requiring less than 1.5 lbs of depression force. This reduces fatigue and repetitive stress injuries to the hand and wrist.

Flexible Configuration For Any Application

  • Gorbel offers flexible combinations of high flow (to directly power devices such as air balancers, manipulators, or any other air-powered device) and pilot valves (to control power valves). This makes the Soft Touch Pneumatic Control Handle a direct replacement for any standard use handle.
  • Up to 4 levers per handle to fit most of your application needs.

Can Be Used With Any Air Device

  • Soft-Touch handles control any air-powered device, including pneumatic balancers, hoists, end effectors, etc. made by other manufacturers.

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