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Changer and Dresser: Servo Dual-Head Automatic Cap Changer and Tip Dresser

A robotically-controlled automatic electrode remover
and servo-controlled tip dresser with vacuum chip containment

Features of the Auto Cap Changer and Tip Dresser

Adopt a one-touch holder that does not require any tool.
The Function of the servomotor allows the control of the revolution frequency and the detection of the electric current.
Small motor for less space but also high-powered.
Able to set a gearbox arrangement 30-degree right and left.
Multi-functional gearbox for accepting any maker’s servomotor.

Benefits of the Auto Cap Changer and Tip Dresser

Providing time-saving automation allowing for constant work-flow

Changer and Dresser are determined to continue providing superior quality and service as an industry-leading company.