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Stäubli MPS Customized

MPS CUSTOMIZED – Tailored Solutions for Unique Applications

The MPS CUSTOMIZED robotic tool changer provides perfectly designed systems for complex applications, including special payloads and process-dependent transmission modules. This custom-built solution ensures that all performance specifications, material qualities, and connection options are precisely configured for your needs. Quick, reliable tool changes and the efficient transfer of diverse media and power supplies are guaranteed for your specific processes.


  • Perfect Configuration: The base units on both the robot and tool sides, as well as the transmission and safety modules, are tailored to your applications.
  • Custom Transmission Modules: Individually designed transmission modules can accommodate almost all product parameters, such as higher transmission rates through greater nominal diameters and specific wiring of electrical connectors.
  • Innovative Development: Development of new transmission modules for specialized production technologies.
  • Optimized Integration: Specially constructed deposit stations ensure optimal system integration within your overall installation.