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Applied Robotics: Gripper

RAM Solutions offers a wide variety of pneumatic and electric servo grippers in both standard and electric servo grippers in both standard and heavy-duty versions to meet every challenge and budget. They range from clamping to gripping of any workpiece, of any shape, and any weight (from few grams to hundreds of kilograms).  Using these specific advanced manufacturing technologies helps to allow customers to succeed.

Our multi-jaw pneumatic grippers (including parallel and toggle, including 2 and 3 jaw versions, parallel grippers, O-ring grippers, angular grippers. Jaws move in synchronous motion, opening and closing toward the central axis of the gripper body, providing more contact with the part to be grasped and more accurate centering.
Our Adjustable Palletizing Gripper provides rapid pick-and-place palletizing of bagged or boxed products, offering complete robotic control of a palletizing cell.

From vacuumO-ring, and needle styles to traditional angular and parallel configurations with long jaw travel and 180 degrees rotation.  

ARI has a gripper to fit your needs. Even specialized applications requiring miniaturelow profilesealedfood-grade, or scalable bag handling
are no problem. Whether it’s test tubes in a lab, 100lb bags of cement, or car doors, ARI is your partner in success.

Bag gripper
 provides rapid pick-and-place palletizing of bagged products,
offering complete robotic control of a palletizing cell.

Palletization grippers
 are used to neatly stack outgoing products on a skid or to off-load incoming products from a skid. Bags or boxes usually come out of production on a conveyor system where the robot lifts them off and stacks them on a pallet. From various sized boxes, 5lb bags of sugar, 40lb bags of wood pellets, or even 100lb bags of cement — we have a palletizing gripper to fit the application.

The Applied Robotics Palletizing Gripper (ARPG) is available in three adjustable sizes, the ARPG Mini, ARPG 50, and ARPG 100, and can be configured with either tine for bag use or paddles for box applications. All are ready to start stacking bags and boxes to give your packing crew’s backs a well-deserved rest.

Close tolerances with supported jaw guides in treated steel for maximum durability and grip force
Jaws have both top and side mounting locations for fingers
Side and top access to pneumatic ports
Sensor ready
10 million cycle life